You face challenges, you have requirements, and you want to do better for your patrons and clients. Here’s what we can do.

Services and solutions:

For Libraries

DGI provides a wide variety of services to libraries, including cataloging, collection management, archives, data conversion, and consultation. For more than 30 years, DGI has met or exceeded the expectations of libraries for high-quality MARC records. Our staff is composed of professional and paraprofessional catalogers with a wide range of expertise in languages and specialized knowledge in areas such as ...

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For Publishers & Distributors

DGI provides high-quality MARC records to many publishers and vendors of print and non-print materials, for distribution to their library customers. DGI catalogers, working from surrogates, will create a product that pleases discriminating librarians who are frustrated with records populated with machine-generated metadata.

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PCIP is a value-added feature; a purchasing librarian will recognize that your title(s) can be quickly added to a library’s collection. Books without CIP/PCIP are often set aside to be cataloged later. This means that your title will not get onto the shelves and into readers’ hands as quickly as you would like.

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Who We Are

We are professional librarians and archivists who:
  • DEDICATE ourselves to improving and streamlining access to information
  • RESPOND to clients' varied needs with proven solutions
  • DELIVER accurate and timely service with confidence
  • TAKE PRIDE in being a part of the library community for more than 30 years
  • SUPPORT our colleagues on the front lines of library service with a quality of work that meets or exceeds their own standards
  • FACILITATE successful partnerships among vendors, publishers and their library clients